Friday, December 14, 2012

The Return of Me

I haven't written in months I know, but the semester is finally through and I plan on getting back to my blogging! I finished out this semester with a 3.5 GPA!!! Woo hoo!

Since the last time I blogged we moved into our new house and I am now 32 weeks pregnant, which means that baby girl will be here very soon :) Now I am a full-time homemaker, at least until baby girl starts school...which will be a good few years :) And who can forget, Christmas is only 11 days away!!!

So my goal is to blog everyday (at least Monday through Friday, while my dear husband is working). I'll keep you up to date on the giveaways I am finding and entering, free samples, my daily devotion, my daily life and other cool stuff! Here we go!

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