Friday, August 31, 2012

Introducing Me

My DH and I just got married last year, on November 5, 2011. We recently found out to our complete and total surprise that we are expecting our first child together :) We had our first ultrasound yesterday and found out that we will be having a baby girl, who is due on February 16, 2013. Both of us are very excited and nervous at the same time. Lots of changes have been happening in our lives.
I recently quit my job so that I can finish school by this coming December before the baby gets here. I go to school 2 days a week and will be starting two internships soon. My husband works swing shift at a local company.
We are living on a tight budget. I have recently began couponing again and I am starting to meal plan. It's a completely different life not having a job to go to everyday. There are so many different ways I am trying to accomplish generating even a small income from home.
I am also finding that I am getting to spend more time with the Lord since work is not longer one of my priorities. I'm hoping that through this blog I will accomplish my goal of helping others come closer to the Lord and keep myself accountable with my couponing, cleaning, schoolwork, and other household duties.

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