Saturday, September 29, 2012


My husband and I have been looking to move for about the past 6 months and have not been able to find anywhere...until recently! We will hopefully be moving on November 1. I am so excited about this because it means we will have the move done before DD gets here and we will have so much more space! We will be going from an apartment that is probably 500 sq ft. to a 3bdrm/2.5bth house!!!

Lots of excitement but also lots of work! Once we have moved I will be able to blog more because we will have wireless internet and I will have my own space with a desk and room to spread all my stuff out when I blog and work!

Pray for us and we emabark on this new chapter in our lives! We have a few things that need to happen before we move. We need to purchase a stove and a refridgerator and also put ourselves on a semi-stricter budget. I know that these things will happen soon if we work towards them and trust in God!

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